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Lock n Load Armor, IPO1, BH, ZTP, CGC, TT




Dig vom Silvermoon, IPO3, VPG2, AD, BH, ZTP, Korung B x Glock vom Messingsberg, NA, NAJ, RN, CGC

(12/7/2009 - 1/14/2020, hemangiosarcoma)

Aka "Truck-man", "Monster-Truck" "Goober-Dog", etc..  Trucker represents our future, our next step in boxers where we put more emphasis on working sport and temperament, along with of structure and health.   After a few years of research, we decided that in order for us to continue working towards our "ideal, dream boxer" we needed to incorporate some of what the world has to offer.  Trucker comes to us from our good friends Colleen and Bill Gable of Lock n Load Boxers in Southern California.  Though he's an American-bred boy, Trucker's parents are German imports from strong working lines (von Felix) and conformation champions (including a long line of German Sieger winners and Atibox winners), proof that beauty and brains can co-exist. So far, he is living up to his pedigree's potential - solid, balanced temperament, quick and eager learner who is willing, and loves to work.  He also has many conformation traits we were looking for, an inky black mask, beautiful rise of skull, a wonderful front-assembly, with an equally balanced rear, bone and substance while still retaining a clean silhouette. He is a very special addition to our home, and he's been more than we could have hoped for.  To us, he is the epitome of what the boxer breed standard calls for: confident, medium-sized, all-around working dog, who is regal, protective, and goofy.  He is patient with our young kids, puppies, and runs just fine with other dogs.  

In January of 2020, we suddenly were forced to say our final good byes to the best boy ever.  We lost Trucker to a fast agressive cancer (hemangiosarcoma), and needless to say, all heartbroken.  We were so lucky to share our home with him. He left a giant hole in our hearts, and we miss him daily.  

Conformation and Working Trial Results:
V-3 (Excellent) - the 2011 USABOX National Sieger Show under BK Judge Uwe Werner & ZTP certification
BH - 2012 USA-BOX Working Championship Trial hosted by Boxers West under Trial Judge Alfred Hupfauer, handled by Richard Sun
V-1 (Excellent,1st place in the large Open Brindle Class) - 2014 USABOX National Sieger Show under BK Kormeisterin Angelika Hartmann
IPO1 - Mar 2015, San Jose German Shepherd Dog Club Trial, Judge Frank Mesing, handled by Weston Kestor (Canine Purpose)
CGC - Jul 2015, Boxers West Fun Day, Evaluator Joanne Knowles, handled by Katrina
TT (Temperament Test) - Aug 2015, Richmond Dog Fanciers, American Temerament Test Society, handled by Richard
CAC - USABOX Brindle Sieger Male (Best Brindle Male), V-1 Working Class - 2017 USABOX National Sieger Show under Mathais Wolf (BK)
CAC - Klub Sieger, V-1 Working Class, pulled for Best Male - 2017 Boxers West Club Show under Pedro Bispo (Portugual)
V1 (Excellent, 1st place) Working Class - 2018 Boxers West Club Show, Alex Palacin (Spain)

Working Videos:  can be seen here on our YouTube Channel.  We try to update as best as we can.

Health Tests:
Prelim Auscultation w/ board cert. cardiologist Dr.Kienle: Murmur-free (10mos)
Echo - Clear by Board-Certified Cardiologist Richard Kienle, DVM @ 22mos (No Murmurs//Ao:1.57m/s Pa: 1.38m/s)
Holter - Feb 2011 - Clear (0 Singles, 0 Pairs, 0 Runs)
Holter - Jan 2015 - Clear (1 Single, 0 Pairs, 0 Runs)
Holter - Aug 2017 - Clear (1 Single, 0 Pairs, 0 Runs)
Holter - Jul 2018 - Clear (3 Single, 0 Pairs, 0 Runs)
Hips - OFA Prelim - GOOD (20mos) // BK Rated HD-B1
DM - N/N (Clear)
ARVC1 - Negative

Breed Survey:
ZTP: Passed Nov 2011, BK Kormeister Uwe Werner 
Eyes:  2a
Teeth: 2cB 


(Limited amounts of frozen semen available to select, health-tested bitches)



Please contact us if interested.  His full pedigree can be seen on the link under his photo above, or here.


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