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Soleil's Girl with Golden Armor



Lock n Load Armor, IPO1, BH, ZTP, CGC, TT (USA) x Gypsy Gold Boxers Mirage, CGCA, CGCU




Our past and present boxer world have come together with the breeding of Mirage and Trucker.  When Poppy's owner reached out to me about a possible breeding to Trucker I was shocked to see her pedigree go back to my Nikki and Cassius (full-littermate from a different breeding).  Of course I was intrigued, and as I watched this wonderful litter develop, I just had to bring a puppy home.  On top of Mirage (dam of the litter) being a registered service dog, Renee has gone above and beyond in ensuring well-balanced, confident puppies, my hats off to her as a fantastic breeder who really preps the pups for their new families.  The temperament, combined with the gorgeous heads/muzzles, and the pedigree which led right back to the dogs who started it all for us made it really hard to say no to bringing home a puppy from this litter.  Watch for Poppy in the conformation rings locally in Northern California.  We have big hopes for her in the future if her health testing goes according to plan.  Follow Poppy on her very on Instagram account *HERE*

06/04/18 - Present

Conformation Results:
IABCA Winter Sieger (4 shows) - 1/19-20/19 handled by Katrina and Richard Sun
 - 1st Place x4 - SG (highest puppy ratings) at each show.

Health Tests:
DM - A/N (Carrier, will not be affected)
Echo - Clear 2yrs old (Laurel Cain, DVM - Normal Cardiac Structure, No Murmurs // Ao:1.55m/s Pv: 1.31m/s)  





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